For the past month I’ve been researching how to visualise happiness on a geographical scale. I’ve been working on a system that tracks UK sentiment in real time. I collect and analyse thousands of data points across the UK from a server in Chicago in real time, and return the average result and plot it onto a graph every ten minutes. The ‘happiness’ of the UK is measured on a scale of 1 to 9, where 1 is ‘not happy’ and 9 being ‘happiest possible’.

Today on Christmas day at noon the graph jumped to its highest point yet, at 6.9, and it’s staying there. I’m pleased to say that a lot of this research is paying off. I’ve also been investigating the widely reported “Doomsday” (21st of December) and fluctuations in days of the week with interesting results.

On the graph you will notice that it only ranging from about 6.25 to 6.9. When you are measuring a large amount of people talking, and take a rolling average you really need to look at this on a close level. Trust me when I say that 6.9 is a significant spike.

I am not publicising the app yet, nor it’s methodologies as it’s still under heavy development, but I am looking forward to writing more soon.