Front-end Development

The Music Messaging app for iOS and Android. Search, share and chat about music. Development & Web App Design.

By setting a start and end point, you can send snippets of the song (or even the song in its entirety) via in-app chat, or share on social media via a “web player” to be viewed by a range of devices.

As I was involved in the web-orientated areas of the product, I designed and developed the shareable web player which has the benefit of promoting the app with full playback without necessitating the need to download.

I also provided web elements inside the native iOS and Androids providing core functionality to the playback of music.

  • Fully functional music playback in a shareable url based on unique urls generated from the app
  • Mirrors key features of the native app, such as looped playback within selected markers (Only plays part of the song that the creator intended) and auto playback
  • Plays content from Spotify and Soundcloud
  • Displays the creaters comments
  • Optimised for sharing on social media.
  • Device detection for sending downloaders to either Google Play or App Store