Time Out Premium Profiles

UX, Design, & Lead Front-end Development

Making Premium Profiles Possible

The Premium Profiles Dashboard for Time Out London, Paris & New York was a web application exclusively designed and front-end developed by myself for this cultural, well known magazine and website. My role was to listen to the requirements of the product team, create a concept, design the user experience and UI, and development using the AngularJs framework, all based upon iterative feedback and agile processes. Viewed as a primary business venture for the company, the result was a polished product with a full London and Paris launch within one year and New York soon to follow.

As a customer-friendly application, it’s users are Cafés, Restaurants, Pubs, and Bars across targeted cities such as London who have purchased a “Premium Profiles” product from Time Out giving them access to the following:

  1. Boosts their search ranking on the Time Out website via “sponsored listings” providing them with more page impressions
  2. Upgrades their profile on the Time Out websites to an “enhanced profile”
  3. Access to exclusive tools such as “Venue Says”, and a way to broadcast updates to create a more engaging public profile and search result
  4. Access to the dashboard (which I created) to manage the profile and view the performance for all of the above.

Key Features of the dashboard

  • Allows customers to edit their Venues profile on Timeout.com, such as broadcasting updates and “Venue Says”
  • Allows viewing of analytical data for views and paid impressions.
  • Launch was rolled out to London and Paris with New York to follow
  • Allows multiple access to different venues from the same account, suitable for regional managers or owners who want to manage multiple venues in the same session.
  • Pixel-fine design and animation, from analytics that animate-in to dynamic background blurs based on the venue’s imagery.
  • Real time analytics fed asynchronously from an API
  • Supports internationalisation (English and Francois)
  • Single Sign on with a Time Out account